Commercial Window Film Manages Solar Heating And Glare Through Your Wall Of Windows

If you manage a commercial building with a wall of glass windows with beautiful views, you may struggle with glare and solar heating. A good solution for these problems is window film. You'll maintain your fantastic views while eliminating many of the downsides of having walls of windows. Here are a few things to know about commercial window film.

The Film Can Be Applied Inside Or Outside

If you're worried about disruption to your business during installation or the need for the crew to access restricted areas of your building, then talk to the contractor about applying exterior window film. Exterior window film has advantages in that all the work is done outside and the film reflects the sun before it has a chance to get through the window glass.

However, in some areas of your building, interior film may be more appropriate, and the contractor can help you decide on the best installation method and process so your operations are not disturbed.

There Are Different Types Of Film

Choosing the right window film for your building can be challenging since there are so many options. You can have film applied to reflect the sun and lower glare and solar heating of your building. You can also have film installed to protect your building from impact damage due to hurricane winds, intruders, or earthquakes. There's film that protects your windows from graffiti and film that's decorative.

You can also have film applied indoors that can be used as a projection screen or whiteboard and film that can provide privacy or one-way viewing. There is even a smart window film available that changes from clear to opaque for times when you want privacy.

You Can Combine Film Types

You may find the ideal solution for your business is to use a variety of film types on your building. For instance, you may want graffiti or security film on the ground level for the most protection from intruders and solar film on the west or south sides of your building where solar heating is the biggest threat. Privacy film may be important for parts of your building you don't want people to see inside, yet you want people indoors to be able to see out.

Decide on the primary reason you want window film and talk to a commercial window film service about your choices. Window film can enhance the beauty of your building while making your employees or tenants more comfortable. This can be done with tinted, mirrored, or clear film that allows people in your building to admire the outdoor view through your windows.