Getting a New Shower Door

Due to showering being one of the things that homeowners enjoy on a regular basis, a bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. Unfortunately, not every homeowner is able to enjoy their shower sessions to the fullest extent due to the desire to make it fast. The reason why some people speed through their shower sessions is that they have small bathrooms, which can create the feeling of being trapped.

One solution to such a problem is to renovate the space to create an illusion of it being bigger than it actually is. A popular method is getting a frameless shower door installed.

Getting the Perfect Fit for Your Bathroom

With there being multiple sizes of frameless shower doors to choose between, finding the perfect fit can be difficult for a homeowner. Basically, the right measurements must be taken before shopping around for a door. It is best to hire a shower door contractor to take the measurements on your behalf for the security that no mistakes will be made. You can also get a door that is not one of the standard sizes by asking a contractor to manufacture a custom door that is a few inches different from the standard. No matter what, a professional will ensure that the door is a perfect fit for your specific bathroom.

Choosing Types of Hardware & Glass

If you want your frameless shower door to have a specific look, be careful when you begin shopping for one. Many of the standard doors are manufactured with glass that has a slight tint to it, which can take away from the illusion of making more space in your bathroom. Choose glass that is not tinted so you will see clearly to the other side when taking a shower. You can also choose the thickness of the glass, such as for appeal or quality. You will also have various options for hardware, such as door hinges and handles.

Special Care During the Installation Process

Expect special care to be taken if you hire professionals to install the shower door on your behalf. For example, your floor will be protected while the contractors are working on the shower door. Everything will also be cleaned when the contractors are done, such as by picking up all debris that comes about from the installation process.

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