Have A Cracked Glass Window Pane? Know How To Repair It On Your Own

Do you have a vinyl window frame that has a cracked glass pane? If so, it helps to know what the proper steps are to repair it.

Remove The Broken Glass

The process starts by removing the broken glass from the window frame. It involves using a utility knife or thin putty knife to get between the glass and the window frame on the inside of your home. Run the tool gently between the glass and the frame to break the seal that holds the windowpane in place, trying not to damage the window frame or shatter the glass. 

Remove The Glass Stops

The window will have glass stops on the outside of the window frame that needs to be removed. These can be taken off using a 5-in-1 tool since you need to slide the tool next to the glass stops to pop it off the window frame. Be careful not to damage the window frame when removing the glass stops, and to remove the top glass stop last. This will essentially be the last piece that is holding the glass in place, so removing it last will ensure that the glass doesn't fall out prematurely. You can use a suction cup to hold the glass if you have one. When finished, you will be able to see the exposed edge of the glass and can slide the glass pane out of the window. 

Remove And Replace The Old Sealant

All of the old sealants that held the windowpane in place will need to be removed. It may be a silicone sealant or double-sided sealant tape. If it is silicone sealant, you can use the 5-in-1 tool to scrape all of that sealant off the window frame until it is completely removed. When replacing the sealant, you want to put back the same type of sealant that was used previously. Avoid using double-sided sealant tape if you previously used silicone. 

Insert The New Glass

With the new sealant in place, you are ready to put the new glass pane in place. Make sure that it makes a good seal with the sealant that has been applied to the window since gaps can cause drafts where air can easily get through. You can now put the glass stops back on the outside of the window, and the glass repair process will be complete.

Reach out to a window glass repair company if this repair seems too difficult to do on your own.