Glass Shower Door Care: The Basics You Should Know

When you planned out your bathroom remodel, one of the things that you may have decided to do is to invest in glass shower doors to help your bathroom space feel larger and brighter. If you want that effect to last, and your shower doors to stay in like-new condition, there are some things that you should keep in mind. Glass shower doors require a bit more care and maintenance than some other options, so here are some of the basics to help you care for them.

Opt For Treated Glass

One of the biggest challenges with glass shower doors is preventing water spots and hard water stains. Unfortunately, even the most meticulous care can sometimes leave some of these things behind. That's why you should choose your shower doors carefully. Look for doors that have been treated with a stain-resistant coating that prevents soap scum and hard water deposits. These shower doors usually also have a coating for water resistance, which allows water to bead off instead of leaving water spots behind.

Incorporate Sufficient Airflow

If you're adding glass shower doors to your bathroom, you'll also want to talk with your remodeling contractor about adding more airflow in the bathroom. Improving airflow is an important way to help ensure that your glass shower doors dry quickly after each shower, which helps to prevent residue, water spots, and more. A more powerful overhead fan, and even an exhaust fan placed over the shower, can help to increase air circulation in the bathroom for your shower doors.

Wipe The Doors After Each Shower

Talk with your shower door installer about the right type of squeegee to use on your new doors, then invest in a few to keep in the bathroom. Mount one to the inside of your shower so that you can use it on the shower doors at the end of every shower. Run it across the doors once you turn the water off to help eliminate any extra standing water on the shower doors that can lead to residue.

Skip The Glass Cleaner

When you install glass shower doors, it's tempting to use glass cleaner on them to keep them clean. After all, isn't that what glass cleaner is made for? Actually, when it comes to cleaning your glass shower doors, you want to lean toward gentle cleaning, not harsh products.

Instead of glass cleaner, clean your shower doors with a mild dish detergent and warm water. Use a soft sponge or cloth and then dry them after cleaning. This gives you the best results without the risk of scratching or otherwise damaging the glass.

These are a few tips to help you take care of your new glass shower doors. Talk with your installer today for more advice.