3 Tips To Help Prevent Windshield Cracks From Spreading Until You Can Have Them Repaired

Repairing a small chip or crack in your windshield can be both quick and affordable. Unfortunately, even a very small crack has the ability to spread across your entire windshield without any warning in just a matter of seconds. If this happens, you will find yourself replacing your entire windshield rather than dealing with a minor windshield repair. That is why it is so important to act quickly when it comes to getting your windshield repaired. However, if it simply is not possible for you to get your windshield repaired right away, the three tips below can help to reduce the risk of your glass damage spreading until you are able to get it repaired. 

Tip #1: Avoid Applying Direct Heat To Your Windshield During The Winter Months

If the weather in your area is cold, it can be tempting to try and defrost your windshield as quickly as possible so that you can get on the road. While this is not typically a problem, it can result in serious issues if your windshield is currently damaged. This is because your auto glass naturally expands and contracts when exposed to different temperatures. If this process takes place too quickly, it can cause the damage to your glass to spread. Consequently, you should always avoid using hot water to melt ice or snow on your windshield. You should also avoid using your defroster. Instead, simply turn the heat on in your car and keep your vents pointed away from your windows. While it will take a bit longer to defrost your windows this way, it will still get the job done and can help to protect your windshield until you are able to get it repaired. 

Tip #2: Do Not Drive At High Speeds

The idea of staying off the highway may seem inconvenient at the very least. However, it is an important part of protecting your windshield from further damage until you can have it repaired. This is because when your auto glass is in good condition, it is perfectly capable of handling the wind pressure that is created by traveling at high speeds. This is not always the case once the strength of your windshield has been compromised by damage. Continuing to drive at high speeds can easily cause any damage to spread and even potentially shatter your windshield.

Tip #3: Try Supporting Your Auto Glass With Heavy-Duty Tape

Before you continue reading, you should know that this tip should only be used if the damage to your windshield is small and is completely out of your line of sight while driving. If the damage to your windshield meets these criteria, you can help to prevent the damage from spreading by providing the glass with extra support. This can be done by putting a piece of heavy-duty tape on both sides of the glass. This tape should always be transparent and should be cut to cover the entire damaged area with just a single layer of tape.  

For more information about windshield repair, contact a local company.