4 Tips To Protect Your Windshield As You Await A Windshield Repair

Prompt auto glass repair prevents the spread of windshield damage. Nonetheless, sometimes you can't get your car to the auto glass repair shop immediately. The good part is that you can do a few things to prevent further damage.

Read on to understand some of the top protection tips for a damaged windshield before you receive the necessary repairs.

1. Park in Covered Areas

Various outside elements, such as falling objects, can be dangerous based on where you pack, making your windshield vulnerable to further damage. For instance, a broken tree branch can shatter an already damaged glass. One occurrence could change what would be a minor windshield repair to a full-blown replacement. So, keep your car in covered areas until you receive the necessary auto glass repairs.

2. Seal the Damaged Area

If you don't cover a chip or crack on your windshield, dust and debris could get and stick inside. Besides, the dirt usually creates difficulties for technicians during windshield repair. So, protect your windshield against debris to enhance our successful repair.

You could use a temporary adhesive to cover the chip or crack. Another option is clear tape, which is even easier to remove. The tape creates a better seal and keeps moisture out. Finally, apply the tape from the inside, not the outside, to ensure your auto paint doesn't chip or peel. However, ensure the tape doesn't obscure the driver from full viewership of the road.

3. Avoid Car Washes

A broken windshield worsens if you wash the area. For instance, the water can cause the chip or crack to expand further since the water pump exerts undue pressure on the already damaged glass. The force can cause the glass to sustain severe damages that need replacement.

Whether you wash the windshield manually or by using a machine, there is a possibility of worsening the damage. However, if your vehicle needs a wash, you could use a dry piece of cloth to clean the area gently. Then, a protective material ensures dirt doesn't get to the damaged areas.

4. Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

A sudden shift in temperature causes your glass to expand and contract, which worsens cracks. So, practice caution with your AC. Don't turn the AC to the highest level while waiting for a windshield repair. Instead, when you start the AC, start slowly and increase it gradually to your comfort level.

Further, don't park your car in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the exposure causes an expansion and contraction that could increase damage. Besides, the extreme temperature doesn't only worsen damage but increases the chances of new chips and cracks.


The tips above protect your windshield from further damage while you await repairs. Nonetheless, damaged glass is more delicate and difficult to maintain. So, don't put off or delay windshield repairs lest you incur more costs.

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