Consequences Of A Crack Or Chip In Your Windshield

Every year, auto glass technicians replace 13-14 million windshields due to cracks or chips caused by various reasons. These statistics mean you have a good chance of encountering a crack or chip in your glass at some point during your driving career. Continuing to drive your vehicle in this condition is not ideal, and you may want to have your car glassed repaired. Unfortunately, there are consequences if you do not. Here are a few.

A Cracked Windshield May Be Against The Law

Do you know it is against the law in many states to drive with a crack in your windshield? Law enforcement may allow you to pass if it is a small star or crack, and it does not impair your vision.

But you can be ticketed if a large crack impairs the driver's vision. Other states may fine you or require you to park your car until you have your windshield repaired. 

Even federal laws require you to have unimpaired vision of the road. This law states chips or cracks can not be directly above your steering wheel or within inches of the top or close to the sides of your windshield. 

A Chipped Windshield May Continue To Worsen

Rocks or road debris thrown off the back of a truck or kicked up by the vehicle in front of you are often the culprits of cracks or chips in your auto glass. Sometimes you are unaware of the small chips or stars this debris may cause until you see them later.

Unfortunately, if you do not have your auto glass repaired, the problem will continue to grow. Extreme hot or cold can cause your windshield glass to expand and contract. This action can cause even small chips to splinter and spread across your field of vision. 

A Repair Can Turn Into A Replacement

A glass professional can often repair your windshield if you address your damaged car glass when your crack or chip is small. There are certain criteria the crack or chip must meet to qualify.

If your windshield is repairable, most glass companies will come to you and fix your glass onsite in less than an hour. If you delay having your glass repaired and the crack or chip gets more extensive, you may have to have your windshield replaced. A replacement will not only be more costly but may require you to make an appointment with a glass shop to have it done.

For more information on car glass repair, contact a professional near you.