Reasons To Install A Glass Shower Door And Get Rid Of Your Curtain

A glass shower door gives your bathroom a more elegant look than using a shower curtain. Plus, the glass seems to make a small bathroom seem a little bigger since it opens up the space more than having a curtain blocking the view. If you're updating your bathroom, adding a glass shower door is a worthwhile upgrade to consider. Here's why.

You Can Choose A Frameless Door

Glass shower doors come with or without frames. A frameless glass door gives your bathroom a little bit of glamour. The doors are more attractive since there isn't a frame detracting from the view of the glass. Plus, frameless doors are made with thicker glass so they have a look of luxury compared to thinner glass that's held up by a frame. A frameless door may even be a little easier to keep clean, especially if you have hard water since scale won't have a frame to collect in.

Decorative Glass Is An Option

You can select the type of glass you want for your door. You might want low-iron glass for the best transparency if you want to show off the tiles in your shower. You can also get gray or bronze tinted glass as well as frosted glass. When choosing frosted glass, the frosting can be applied to the entire door or in select places to create patterns or an artistic design on the door. All glass shower doors are made with tempered glass so they crumble rather than split into shards if the glass breaks.

The Doors Can Slide or Swing Open

Glass shower doors give you options in how they operate. You can get a sliding door, double sliding doors, or a door that swings in or out. You can choose the door hardware you want too, so the metal and style fit with your decor.

Glass Doors Let In Light And Block Drafts  

Glass shower doors make a shower more enjoyable since you don't have to fight to position a curtain properly, the glass lets in natural light, and the glass blocks cold drafts when you shower in the winter. The doors make your bathroom more attractive, and they might even add value to your home. Glass doors will also make your bathroom more appealing to future buyers and provide you with a more glamorous bathroom for as long as you own your home.

If you want to install a glass shower door, talk to a glass company in your area.